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Death star pet cave

Article nr: TSWDSCC

Cat? Dog? Porg? We’ve got your trusty sidekick covered with our official Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave. With its dark(side) inner and incredibly detailed outer, it’s enough to fool any Jedi into thinking it’s the real deal. Now gone are the days of the zebra print pet beds, only fit for the most Beverly Hills of Chihuahuas. It’s time to step aside for this battle station crash pad – the official Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave.

This pet bed shaped like the notorious Death Star is covered with a soft Velboa surface material. This is inviting for your cat, however it is still formidable enough to stop anyone else who dares to enter. Also, the moon-shaped bed can also be collapsed into a shell shape. So you can pop the removable cushion on top; now your fuzzy friend has a perfect little snooze-station.

The waterproof internal fabric makes it easy-peasy to wipe down, whilst the non-slip base means your feline won’t slip and slide over the laminate. However, make sure to keep an eye on your scheming pet. As you wouldn’t want to have some of the blame if they were to plot galaxy antihalation .

The Star Wars Death Star Pet Cave is 42 x 42 cm. 300g